Flexfit Racer Red Curved Hat

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Vildosola Racing x Tavo AG

Our Race Line gear was built for adrenaline seekers, who embody the true spirit of off-road experiences. Our first collaboration, with Vildosola Racing, reflects the sense of freedom, velocity and adventure that comes from driving.

Style: Flexfit Wooly Combed Cap
Color: Red
Fabric: 63% Polyester / 34% Cotton / 3% PU Spandex
Full curved visor: Ready to wear, no "break-in"
Description: Structured, Curved Visor, Traditional, Closed back, Stretch fitted.
Front Design: Race Use Only embroidery
Right Design: Vildosola Racing Logo embroidery
Back Design: Tavo Adventure Gear Logo, 21 design and Mexican Flag embroidery
Sizes: S/M (6 3/4” - 7 1/4”)
L/XL (7 1/8” - 7 5/8”)